The Victorians & The Language of Flowers

The Victorians were a funny lot. All that stuffiness covered up a lot of eccentricity and a little debauchery too. So it’s no wonder they made up a secret language using flowers and no words. Cheeky little flirtations were carried out under the nose of Mama and Papa without them

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Peonies are really just shameless show-offs, with their fancy frills and delightful colours. Here’s everything you need to know about these seasonal sensations… Try creeping up to someone and suddenly whispering ‘Peony!’ at them. You’ll see their ears prick up, their eyes go all misty and there’s a decent chance

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Introducing… Tag Rugby Trust

Everyone loves a good kickabout. But did you know that sport can actually change the world? Tag Rugby Trust works around the world to create social change through sport. Their mission is simple: to achieve improvements in education and employment through engagement with rugby. For fourteen years — across 9

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How to clean your vase

Believe it or not, vase care is really important for keeping your flowers in tip-top condition. There’s a lot to consider when cleaning your vase, so I thought I’d share some of my golden rules. No debris – Last week’s flowers were lovely, but this week’s don’t want to know

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Super Sunflowers!

‘Tis the Season for the Sunflower! The sunflower, with its tall stem and big, sunny face, is probably one of the most recognised flowers in the world. In fact, let’s be honest, no flower is more famous than the sunflower. It’s the Kim Kardashian of the flower world. They have

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