Springtime Crafts

Nothing says British Summer like a picnic. We love to imagine long, sun-drenched afternoons stretched out on blankets atop the nearest patch of green. In reality, the British weather usually has other ideas… No matter. Whatever the weather’s doing, you can have a fantastic outdoor soiree this summer. Here are

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Floral Trends for Spring

A house without flowers is so last season… make the most of spring with all the fabulous florals you can get hold of, including boxes of Freddie’s Flowers! As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, I wanted to take you through some of the floral trends for

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Find the perfect secateurs…

We’ve all been there. Your flowers arrive and you can’t wait to get them into the vase. Only, your kitchen scissors are having a tough time snipping through the stems. In fact, they’re making a right mess of it… Did you know that clean-cut stems last even longer? The stems

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Fresh Flowers Delivered

Freddie’s Flowers deliver gloriously fresh flowers

to gorgeous homes all over the UK for just £24 a pop.

Give us a whirl and join the flowerful club.