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Flower Questions

How to care for, how to arrange, how to pronounce... everything about the flowers themselves.

Most people love the surprise when they open up the box, but if you’d prefer to ruin the surprise you’ll be able to see what’s coming up the week before your delivery on your online account.

Our flowers are ridiculously fresh – cut to order they usually last over two weeks, especially if you follow the flower care advice!

You’ll be absolutely fine! For each delivery, Freddie writes up an arranging guide that you’ll get in your box. There’s also a weekly video if you’d prefer to follow along with him which you can find on your account page. You’ll be a floral guru in no time!

We’re still quite a small business so we’re not really able to pack custom boxes at the moment! However, we do offer a lily-free box each week if you’re allergic. Just give us a call on 0208 396 6696 or send an email to and we can set that up for you.

Both a hurricane vase (minimum 20cm) and a bell jar (maximum 30cm) shape work well with our flowers. We’ve actually designed a special vase to make the most of our arrangements, it’s a rather handsome combination of the two and available for £25 with free delivery. If you’re already getting flowers, feel free to read more about it here, or drop us a line at and we’ll happily tell you more about it.

Flowers from supermarkets and florists are frequently bought from the grower, sold to an auction house, bought by a wholesaler, and then bought by the shop – where they then sit around waiting to be bought. Because our flowers are regular deliveries of the same stems we can order them directly from the grower, so they get to your door a lot sooner after being cut. With all those middlemen cut out it also means you get a lot more bud for your buck!

The majority of our flowers are grown either right here in Blighty (usually from the exotic climes of Lincolnshire) or in Holland. And very occasionally we source something a little more exotic, just to spice things up a little

We’re actually on a bit of a enviro-kick at the moment! We’re busy expanding the number of deliveries we make by bicycle, and converting all of our vans to electric. We’re also almost entirely plastic free (growers sometimes put a plastic net on the more delicate flowers to protect them during transit – if you have any solutions do get in touch!) and all of our packaging is easily recyclable. We’ve also got the lovely Will – an expert in turning businesses carbon neutral – on the case. We’re already pretty green, but there’s so much more we can do!

Freddie’s absolute favourite flower is a Dahlia. They’re just such a showstopper!

Here at Freddie’s we like to use the traditional English Country Garden style of floral design. It features highly seasonal flowers and foliage usually arranged to be enjoyed from all sides. Of course, if you want to experiment with other styles such as Ikebana, European or American styles we’d love to see the results! Please make sure you share them with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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