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The basics of how Freddie’s works, the back story, information about the office dog pack...

In response to the Coronavirus we’ve put several measures in place to protect the safety of our staff and customers.
All our staff are being daily monitored for fever and/or illness at home and will be self isolated if they show any signs of either, in accordance with government guidelines. All staff also use a fresh pair of disposable gloves on every shift, so that the flowers and packaging are untouched by human hands.
Delivery drivers 
Our drivers are also being monitored for illness, as above. However we now operate a no-contact delivery service; a friendly knock on the door is usually what we like to do to announce your flower delivery, but to be on the safe side we’ll pop a card through your door and leave your flowers on the doorstep for now (they’re very, very fresh so they’ll be absolutely fine there all day if needs be).
Head office
Our office staff are being monitored for illness as above, and are currently working from home in accordance with government recommendations. But everything is operating normally and our fantastic customer service team will continue to be on hand to help with any queries you might have.

We’re like the milkman, but with flowers!
Each week, our top florist designs up a stunning seasonal arrangement. Our flowers are then cut to order (meaning they last absolutely ages), boxed up and then delivered to your door by van.
Like the milkman, we’re frequently up at the crack of sparrows, so we’ll leave your box on your doorstep or in a safe space if it’s absurdly early or you’re not in. The flowers will be just fine in their box waiting for you.
Each box comes with an arranging guide which will not only guarantee a stunning finished arrangement, but will teach you all about different flowers, foliage and arranging techniques.
We only take payment the morning of each delivery and you can cancel any time.
For more information, have a read through our more in depth explanations: the Flowersthe Deliverythe Arranging.

Most people love the surprise when they open up the box, but if you’d prefer to ruin the surprise you’ll be able to see what’s coming up the week before your delivery on your online account.

You can either give us a ring on +971-4-7181991, or drop us a line at

We’re still quite a small business so we’re not really able to pack custom boxes at the moment! However, we do offer a lily-free box each week if you’re allergic. Just give us a call on +971-4-7181991 or send an email to and we can set that up for you.

Of course! Just sign up with one address as normal, and then you can add more addresses to deliver to from the ‘Delivery Addresses’ page.

Certainly. Your online account page has a Delivery Schedule which will let you book in holidays and skip deliveries on a whim. You’ll just need to give us a few days notice.

You can either just pop the code in here and then sign up as usual…
Or, when you’re putting in your card details when you sign up, there’s a link just underneath it where you can pop your code. If you’re still having trouble then either give us a quick call on +971-4-7181991 or drop us a line on and we’ll help you out.

Most people like their flowers delivered weekly as it means they’ve always got super fresh flowers and they don’t miss out on anything. However, with the delivery schedule on your online account page, you can get deliveries as rarely or as frequently as you like. It’s totally flexible!

Yep, it’s not a subscription – you’re not locked in to anything. Cancel whenever you like!

We can usually collect your old boxes and reuse them if you leave them out the night before your delivery day. It’s really the best option for the planet – sometimes we can reuse a box up to eight times before it gets too tatty! If not, just break them down and pop them in the recyc.
Some of our more creative members have also transformed them into seed trays, hamster mazes and even pretend rocket ships for the kids! The only limit is your imagination!

Absolutely – if you’re currently receiving a regular delivery from Flowers Direct then you can send one-off gift boxes complete with personalised notes, or a set number of regular deliveries to anyone you feel deserves it!

Occasionally. Sometimes the more delicate flowers need a little plastic net wrapped around their heads to stop them getting damaged in transit. It’s pretty tricky to get rid of because we’re not the ones putting them on – they come from the grower like that. So there’s not really much point in taking them off partway through their journey. We’re trying to work out an alternative at the moment – please do get in touch if you have any ideas or know someone who can help!

On your account there’s a super handy delivery schedule where you can really easily book in holidays up to six weeks in advance. If you want to book in a holiday well in advance you can just drop us an email or give us a call and our small, but perfectly formed, customer service team will sort it out for you. Easy peasy!

We only take payment the morning of each delivery – you’ll only ever pay for what we deliver and you’re not locked in to anything.

Your best bet is to ping an email to and someone will get back to you lickety-split!

We don’t! It’s all done independently by a service called Stripe. They’ve been certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1 – the most stringent level of security certification available in the payments industry, so your details are secure as can be!

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